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If it turns into steam then it goes in the turbine, into the generator, then to the power line. When it still stays water it goes into the condenser, then into the power plant for storage.



Nuclear power works by, the water starts in the steam generator and then it goes into the pump.then into the reactor pressure vessel.

It goes through the reactor core and back into the steam generator. After that it goes back into the steam generator to either become steam or still be water.

Nuclear power is use to move wind turbine, this energy is made all over the world. Two positive things about nuclear power is that it creates more energy, and it is natural.

Two negative things about nuclear power is it cost $14 billion to produce it, and it uses 476,500 gallons of water to make the nuclear power work.

Wind Turbine- a turbine having a large vaned wheel rotated by the wind to generate electricity. Atom-the basic unit of a chemical element Steam Genarator- The heat exchanger used in some reactor designs to transfer heat from the primary reactor coolant system to the secondary

Fission-The splitting of atoms that results in the release of large amounts of energy. Two or three neutrons are usually released during this event. Fission occurs either naturally or when an atom's nucleus is bombarded by neutrons

Fuel rod: A long, slender tube that holds the fuel pellets; fuel rods are assembled into bundles called fuel elements or fuel assemblies that are loaded individually into the reactor core



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