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text který se navhází v glogu

John Keats

The project was very entertaining because I have had to look for images, music and use movie maker. What I did not like much was to record, that I took to us enough time. Elena García Fernández 1ºBC


The project was easy thanks to the video, but the recordings were very difficult to me. Luis Arauz Landivar 1ºBC

With this work we have done about the author John Keats, I have learnt he was a great “romantic” of the time, too true, or at least like that the letter show that he wrote to Fanny, one of the letter of love more important. When it comes to doing the recording, with help of several links that there were in the wiki at the video of YouTube of the letter and the teacher's help, the pronunciation of the letter has been more easy, althought I have to admit that the part I have read it was the more easy all the rest of the letter, or at least like that I see. And more or less I have understood the contents of the letter. Raquel Jiménez Martín 1ºBC

The project was easy with the help of the teacher. The video was very helpful for us to read the letter. And the video we made it came out really nice. Manuel Ferre Silva

With this project about John Keats I have learnt a lot about him, how for example that he was a great romantic. We have read a love letter that he wrote to Fanny Brawne. With help of the link that was in the wiki we coul watch a video on Yutube and we could improve our pronunciation. Each one has read a part of the letter and we have made a video. In my opinion, the letter wasn't very difficult to understand. Clara López López 1ºBC