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He stands alone, Beneath the arch, Under the midnight moon. He is divided by light and dark, With a silver string joining the two as one, Keeping balance between them, Like weights on a scale. It must be balanced. He stands alone, No one is near, Under the midnight moon. Though he is surrounded, By counter parts, With the weight of the world on his shoulders. It must be balanced, But he is strong, Under the midnight moon.

My favorite poem that I wrote was “Balance.” It was my favorite poem because the picture that went with it was so beautiful. My poem was about balance. In the picture there was a tree with half of it covered by shadow, and the moon in the background was half in light and half in dark, but the light was on the opposite side of the moon as it was on the tree. The world must have both good and evil and also light and dark, so I thought it would be cool to write about the balance in that picture. My poem was inspired by a picture I found on Google. It was a picture of an arch with a tree on the other side and a half moon in the background. This was my favorite poem because it has a little of everything in it like similes, metaphors and alliteration. An example of a metaphor would be “he is divided by light and dark/with a silver string joining the two as one.” An example of a simile would be “keeping balance between them/like weights on a scale.” I liked the subject I chose because I thought that the tree in the picture symbolized life, and the light and dark symbolized the opposites and balance in the world. When I first looked at the picture, I thought of Lord of the Rings and the white tree of Gondor. My poem was not really full of any emotion. It was more balanced. My poem came pretty easily because I kind of thought of what I wanted to write about when I was looking for my picture. I had many drafts before I got it the way I liked it. Some of the adjustments I made were changing the title from the “Lonely Tree” to “Balance” or cutting out unneeded words. My favorite line I wrote was “he stands alone/no one is near/under the midnight moon.” These were my favorite lines because I think they are very strong and beautiful words.

Madeline C.


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