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"Battering Ram" by Ian

“Battering Ram” is a weapon of the medieval times. My poem is about the struggles of a battering ram’s life. What inspired me to write this poem was a videogame called Medieval Total War 2 where you can build siege equipment; one of those siege weapons is the battering ram. Battering rams were used in mediaeval ages and destroyed walls.

This is my favorite poem because when I read it, it sounds like a battering ram hitting the wall of a castle. The reason it sounds like that is because of the short line breaks. This poem does not have many poetic elements like alliteration and similes. I also like this poem because every two lines have the same beginning like always tough/ always tired. This is called repetition.

I thought this poem was easy to write. It came very quickly after I thought of the topic. I wrote three drafts before my poem was finished. To make my poem better, I changed and took away words like I changed “when I am used for charcoal” into “when my wheels are used for charcoal.”

My favorite line in my poem is “when I can be free” because it’s like the battering ram wants to be set free and not demolish more buildings. I also like the way my poem is written. It makes it sound like a battering ram hitting a wall again and again because the lines are short.