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I think two of my favorites lines are “Fear, a pale man wearing ebony clothes,” and “Living in a large city where many are on their toes.” These two were not intended to rhyme but somehow they did, and one might think it was intentional because they both start their own stanza. Another good line is “You look at his snake, Death, in the eye.” This line was written because I wanted the reader to see death, but I didn’t want them to look at fear himself, but I didn’t want to have the reader see death. So I compromised and made a snake named Death to fit the part. I enjoy reading that line because it reminds me of how smart I am and that I can always add more to anything. But my overall favorite line is “Oh, and look behind you, he might be there, waiting.” This line was one of the reasons I wrote the poem to start, and I just like the way in enters very serenely and then ends up to be the main punch-line of the poem.

I went through many different writing processes, and I ended up with two documents that I just kept changing over and over. For instance, one time I tried to make it rhyme, one time I tried for alliteration, and unfortunately, I don’t have those drafts with me because I never saved them separately. It was very hard, and that was because I tried to infuse different poetic techniques into each draft, which I think was worth it. I improved my poem by making it shorter and by using concrete language; for example, I changed “black” to “ebony,” “afraid” to “startled,” and so on. I ended up making a very large amount of improvements.

I adore this poem because it is just, in my mind, perfect. Now grammar wise and otherwise it is not, but I, as one, think it is. My whole poem uses personification. I gave fear, a body, mind, and soul. Other poetic techniques are scarce though. That may be the only thing I regret about this poem. This poem didn’t have a lot to do with me personally though. I wrote it so others could enjoy it; I also added Fear’s voice to be snake like: “Are you ssssstartled?” or “I’ll lull you to ssssssleep.” I think this added to the effect.

My poem “Fear” is an amazing poem. I think it is one of my best works, and I spent a lot of time on it. I wrote two main drafts and around 15 sub-drafts and branched out into two poems; there was a very gory one and a not so gory one. Just having the choice and knowing the amount of time I put into it made me feel very close to it. My friend at a tennis camp said “Never write something if you don’t feel close to it.” So it took me back to the tennis camp. My poem is about a bulk emotion: fear. It shows that fear is everywhere you want it to be. Some people want fear most people don’t though. I was very inspired to write this poem when I was playing a game, and things kept popping up behind me, and a character kept saying look behind.

Fear, A pale man wearing ebony clothes Spiky hair and a black jacket He walks slowly, never faster than he needs to Backed by his pet snake, named Death And legions of undead, spiders and rats Living in a large city where many are on their toes He finds you after you watch that horror film Or turn off the nightlight He sneaks behind You never see his face You hear him and if you turn around You look at his snake, Death, in the eye Fear stares and says, “Are you ssssstartled?” “I’ll lull you to sssssssleep” And when you finally fall into that endless void He glides into the only place you hold dear Your Dreams He destroys them and replaces then with fantasias of himself Allowing you to relive his attack Then when you wake up he follows you…forever Reminding you of the dream with every turn you make Oh and look behind you, he might be there, waiting


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