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Sofia B.

I am From

I am from the smell of sea wind, cold ruffling my brown hair, Whispering a language no one understands, I am from blackberries, juicy and plump, and warm, buttery cinnamon toast. I am from a weathered stuffed pony, named Pony I am from Blossom and Happy, and writing my mind. I am from the moment of flight before you hit the ground with a bone-shattering thud, Screaming in my dreams and pounding against the walls of a cage, Watching as my friends and family are taken away, And waking up with a hoarse voice, soaked with sweat

I am from the warm bodies of horses on a cold Saturday morning, Comforting on the hardest days. And a beautiful Christmas tree, decorated with twinkling lights, and surrounded with presents, Laughing and crying my heart out with my friends, Who are there for me even on the hardest days. I am from peace, love, and friendship, I am from half-forgotten dreams, brought to life with heart-breaking and heroic stories, I am from a sea of faces, all begging to be heard, And the pages of a yet-to-be-written life. I am from just another ordinary stone in an endless river, waiting to shine.

I wrote this poem mainly because my English teacher said we had to, but as well as that, it seemed interesting to write about myself without having to boast or say good things, which I’m really bad at. This poem spoke to me in my own voice. It is, of course, based on my own experience and loves. I feel that the voice I used is good, because it makes it sound like I’m speaking from the poem.

The writing process I went through was basically nothing. I examined my life for important events and my favorite things and started to write. This poem came the easiest to me. One moment I was staring at my computer screen and the next, POOF! I was done with a page long poem. I only wrote two drafts, one being an improvement. I improved it by adding the nightmare part, the laughing and crying with my friends part, and a lot more descriptive words. The second line I added as well, and I took out a couple of the weaker lines. I made sure every line ended with a strong word and made stanzas.

My favorite poem I wrote is “I Am From” because it really speaks in my voice. It is about me, my life, and everything that is important to me. I was inspired to write this poem because I thought I should put my life down on paper. Also, it feels as though I’m putting memory down on something that will last forever.

Three of my favorite lines are “I am from the smell of sea wind, cold ruffling my brown hair/whispering a language no one understands,” “I am from the moment of flight before you hit the ground with a bone-shattering thud,” and “I am from just another ordinary stone in an endless river/waiting to shine.” The first is a favorite because I have lived here for ten years, and it’s always cold in Marina. I felt as though the wind was saying something, but I couldn’t understand. The second line is a favorite because I have fallen from horses three times now, and right before I hit the ground, it’s super peaceful, and then I make impressions in the dirt. The last time, I was in pain, but the good thing was flight and the horse not stepping on me. And the third line really sums up my goal in life generally.


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