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"The Big C"

Vincent Lopez

My favorite poem that I wrote this year was “The Big C.” My poem is about people that are battling cancer. I was inspired to write my poem about cancer because my grandma is dying of cancer. I also thought it would cool to write about cancer because it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month when I wrote the poem.

This is my favorite poem because it really expresses how I feel about cancer. Also, my poem is based on personal experience, so it helped me write about the topic of cancer. I really like the description in my poem where I said “What a horrible demon.” It really showed the personification I was trying to display. The subject of cancer really speaks to me because when I was writing my poem, I was really trying to express what my grandma was going though.

I wrote my poem by writing in paragraphs and then putting it in lines. I thought writing this poem was fairly easy, because my grandma really inspired me so that help me a lot with the writing process. I wrote one rough draft for my poem then a final draft, which helped me with catching many errors. I wore two drafts and looked over my poem many times which I think really helped make my poem better.

The best line I wrote was “it can’t cripple love.” This is my favorite line because it acknowledges how strong love really is. Cancer can be a brutal and torturous event for any family… it can destroy the physical and mental image of its patients, making it difficult for family members to remember the soul that is underneath its mask of destruction. The line “it can’t cripple love” states how I feel about my grandma… No matter what this disease takes from her, it can’t come close to disrupting my love for her or her’s for me.

The Big “C”By Vincent LopezCancer What a horrible demon No one is safe The Big “C”Slowly creepsAnd strikes Its prey is your family Its venom Infects And destroysEveryone is affected But there are things cancer can’t do It can’t erode hopeIt can’t shatter faithIt can’t destroy peaceIt can’t eat away confidenceIt can’t cripple love


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