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Charlotte B.

Silver Lace

My favorite poem was called “Silver Lace.” It was about a spider web. The webs that I see in my garden every day inspired me to write this poem. I thought that it would be an interesting topic, because spider webs are so beautiful. I was wondering how difficult it would be to capture it in words. I wanted to share the beautiful gifts with anyone who was willing to listen.

Silver Lace Long silvery fingers, Reach for each other, Their interlocking strands, Shine in the early morning, Like glittering lace, So delicate, A strong wind, Could shatter their perfection. As a single drop of water, Begins to form, The slender fingers, Start to quiver, But still they hold together, Together they cannot falter, Alone they are nothing, Drifting in the frigid morning air. The mesh of fluttering wires, Begins to disappear, As the sun falls behind a cloud, The spider web sits waiting, For it next encounter with its prey, A net of thin metal strands, Deadly but deceiving to the eye.

My favorite words in my poem are “lace,” “silver,” and “slender.” My favorite phrases are “deadly but deceiving to the eye,” ”the mesh of fluttering wire,” and “like glittering lace.” I feel that all of my words are solid, but those are my favorites. I hope that you will take time to think of what your favorite words and phrases are. I am very proud of my poem.

While I was writing this poem, my fingers were flying across the keyboard. I did not have any trouble writing about this. I think that this is because it was a topic that means something to me. I wrote three drafts of this poem, and I feel like it got better and better each time. I took out repeating words like “begin” and “spider web.” I changed “begin” to “start” and vise versa.

I like this poem because it felt more natural than the others. I had to force the other poems out, but this one came very easily. I really feel like this poem has nice poetic elements like solid language, alliteration like “deadly but deceiving” and “spider web sits waiting,” as well as metaphor without sounding repetitive or silly. I think that this poem had more of my voice in it than the other poems. It felt like I was talking to the person who is reading the poem, rather than talking from some other person’s voice and perspective.


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