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Irish Immigration

They assimilated by getting involved in American politics. Once enough of the local population was Irish they could easily vote one of their own into a position of power. They retained their own culture by keeping their faith. During their immigration many americans were against the irish and their catholism.

Irish came mostly through the port of NYC by ships. When they came to America they were thought of as brutal people, no one wanted to hire them. The irish were blamed for much of the crime in NYC or where ever they had inhabited. Anyone that they ran into put prejudice on them and treated them badly from start to finish. The challenges they faced in America was to find jobs and fast because wherever they inhabited the locals were taking up the simple jobs that they knew they could do. Also their children suffered with loss of education since they were forced to work to provide for families. They chose to come to America because they had family already here from the previous spike in immigration.

Their experience has changed drastically from immigrating then to now. Now they are not discriminated against and no longer have to struggle with daily life as they did before. They dont need to "survive" through their day anymore


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