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Irish Immigration

The Irish experience in America

The Irish Journey

Conditions in Ireland

The Irish sailed across the Atlantic and found home along the Northeastern side of the United States, entering Ellis Island and other eastern shores. The American's who lived their tried to get the Irish to move more toward the middle of the United States, but the Irish couldnt afford it. The Irish didn't face many problems like the Afircan AMericans did, but they did encounter some.

Life wasn't easy at first for the Irish, they encountered several problems. They lived in horrible conditions, due to their poverty. They lived in basements, cellars and one-room apartments that were lacking light, ventilation, and ran into several sewage leaks. They were also introduced to mental illness's caused by alcohol abuse. English novelist Charles Dickens said "reeking everywhere with dirt and filth." This went to show how poor the Irish were when they first got to America, and everything they were lacking. The Irish also encountered some racism from others, but not to a point where it affected the whole community.

The Irish fit in pretty well with Americans, but they also kept their Irish pride with them retaining their own Irish culture in America. First, they were already Catholics, so they did not need to convert like other groups had to. They had Irish housing communities, and newspaper's that may of informed them about news back home, and news around the community. Today, the Irish are part of our everyday society, and accepted. They now make up of 11% of American population today, cross marrying with Americans and other ethnic groups.

The Irish journey to America started in the early 1800's when the Irish were sailing in boats to America. In 1816, around 6,000 Irish sailed to America.They faced some struggles because they were on these boats nearly half naked, and with very little food supply, showing up to America sick. Most Irish were taken straight from the ships and kept in medical care for 30 days. The early arrivals of this group were recruited to build canals for easier access, and to create a clear path for the Irish to come. By 1826, around 5,000 Irish were working on four different canal projects, and making the overall travel experience for the rest of the Irish easier.

The Irish were facing tough times in Ireland that convinced them to leave. They wanted to leave because the lack of food, people were going hungry, poverty became a problem because of the over-populated area. They saw something in America that they didn't have in Ireland which was new land, and a better chance at getting a job. But leaving their homeland, the Irish were forced to leave behind friends and family, and everything they had in order to start a new life in America. In the mid 1840s' the terrible Irish Famine hit, where all the patatos in Ireland were left to rot, due to a disease in the ground causing all of them to be destroyed. The Irish Famine era(1845-1852) was a time where about 1.5 million Irish fled to the United States, because the Irish lived off of . patatos, both selling and eating them.

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In this picture, you can see the rough condiotions the Irish first lived in.

Irish Manifest of 1919


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