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A Legacy of Ancient Egyptian- Art




The Pyramids

Legacy- A legacy is what is passed down from generation to generation

Statues were Important to the people of Egypt as they could be for decoration or they could be recognised as a religious symbol. Some statues were of queens, kings, gods, goddesses and animals.

The legacy of Ancient Egypt is still with us today. We can see some of the art forms in museums or exhibitions today. Some art forms include: -Sculptures - Temple Inscriptions -Statues -Masks -Paintings - The Pyramids It is very important to preserve some of these art forms as they tell and show what it was like back in the Ancient Egyptian times.

Paintings were for decoration eg.on walls. They also were use to keep the record of history, alive.

Pyramids are a long lasting achievement made by the Egyptians which sit on the floors of Egypt. They still can be seen today.

Masks were very important in Egypt as they were only worn by the Pharaoh or the nobility. The most well known mask is King Tutankhamen.





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