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School at Hillel Day School

Being Part of the Family: A new sister

Being towed

Rafting in West Virginia

In the pool

RV Vacation/Holiday


Growing Up in Boca Raton, Florida

Shara's Life Highlights

I Am One of a Kind Because I Surf


When my sister, Ella, was born.

Rites of Passage: My Bat Mitzvah

I fell off...

At my Bat Mitzvah

The First Time I Went On a Roller Coaster

My first roller coaster

I Am Such a Goof

Jumping off Camp Stone's water trampoline

At school with friends

I love being with my friends at school.

But I hate all the tests, essays, and homework!

I loved doing the fun activities like rafting. But I hated when we got towed because the RV decided to break down.

But sometimes the water is too hot, or even too cold!

Florida has nice weather that allow you to go outside and swim in the pool!

Surfing is really fun because I love to be out deep in the ocean and then getting to the shore and starting a whole new adventure through the waves, again!

Sometimes surfing is annoying because you can fall off and it is hard to get back on.

It was so cool having another sister! But that also meant that I got a lot more responsibilities.

Since becoming a Bat MItzvah, I am now counted as an adult member of the Jewish community. As an adult of the community, I have many more responsibilities.

I hurt my chin the first time, but now I love roller coasters, so I am really glad that I went on, afterwards.

I love jumping off the water trampoline at camp, but one time I slipped off.



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