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The Confederation of Canada 500-1850

The First Nations People

Early Asian and European Exploration ( About 500-1100)

Age of European Exploration (1450-1600)


Desire for Power



Struggle for Power

Need for wealth and prestige

Need for Colonies

Seeking other lands

Claiming Other lands Settling and controlling other lands

French Colonial Rule (1663-1759)

British Colonial Rule (1763-1932)

-The Aborigonal Peoples have lived all over Canada. - The land and all the living things were important to the First Nations.The Firsts Nations have changed the enviorment.

- They have visited to the West Coast of North America from Asia. -They have visited to the East Coast of North America from Europe -Archaeological has evidence proves voyages by vikings

-Europeans have sought a Northwest Passage to Asia -Europeans sought goods such has silk and spices and they have found out more about the world -Some European Explorers were Columbus,Cabot and Champlain

- Some Europeans believed that they n can trade with anyone even the Aboriginals -Most European countries wanted colonies to establish support trade in which they could cheaply acquire raw materials and other goods

-The French have began their settlement in Acadia, where farming was their major occupation. After that along the St. Lawerence, most people were involved and the fur trade. -In 1663, New France became a Royal Colony under Louis XIV - The French began to compete a lot for the fur trade - The seven years of war between the french and british was also faught in North America

-The Seven Years War concluded with the signing of Treaty of Paris in 1763. -The Britain had controlled most of North America. -Between the 1812 and 1814, the U.S and Britan were at war. It had several long-lasting effects on Canada: 1.American Immigration was discouraged 2. Pride developed 3. Assimilation of the First Nations people


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