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IS IT BULLYING? Will a problem solving strategy work to solve the problem? Can YOU do something to deal with the situation?

Bullying is hurting someone on purpose!

Bullying means someone has no say!

ARE YOU BEING A BULLY? Did you know it would hurt the person physically (his/her body) or emotionally (his/her feelings)? Have you done this before? If so, did he/she say they didn’t like it?

WHAT IS BULLYING? Bullying is intentional, hurtful, behavior. Bullying involves a loss of power.

IS IT BULLYING? YOU DECIDE PROBLEM: Someone says you can’t play. Have they ever said that to you before? IF NO read this IF YES read this

If it hasn't happened before, what strategies can you try? Can you tell them how it made you feel? Can you try walking away or choosing another game? What about making a deal? This might have hurt your feelings, but you were able to have a say in what you did, and made a good choice. You handled this really well!

IF YES, what did you do last time? Did you tell him/her that it hurt your feelings? Did you find a way to work it out? If you did say, "That hurt my feelings," then he/she knew that saying this again, would hurt you. That’s hurting someone on purpose. That could be called bullying.

REMINDER: One of the playground expectations is that we don’t have closed games at school. Telling someone he/she can’t play, when you know that it’s going to hurt his/her feelings, is bullying. What's another way to handle this situation?

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