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Glogster can be used to promote 21st Century Skills in students. Watch this video to find out more.

Glogster EDU is an online tool that provides a template for student creativity. By creating a Glog, - an online media poster - students can express their knowledge on a particular subject in an interactive and exciting way that can't be done using traditional poster board and markers. When making a Glog, you have the option of adding text, pictures, video, audio, and other elements to create your poster. Students can use Glogster to create Glogs as part of assignments individually or collaboratively. School librarians and teachers can use Glogster as a teaching tool.

Glogster is one of AASL's top websites for teaching and learning!

Did you know that when you are using Glogster to make a glog, you are glogging?

Glogster is also reccomended by The New York Times

Examples and Additional Information

Article: Glogster EDU Continues to Blaze New Frontiers in Education

Step by Step Guide to Using Glogster EDU

How an Elementary School Librarian Uses Glogster in the Library and School

Download the Glogster Education Resource Library - Includes Glogster Lesson Plans, Standards, Rubrics, and More!

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