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Glogster EDU participates in the following types of partnerships now:


Glogster EDU is a fast-growing, global education platform that enables teachers and their students to create online multimedia posters, or “Glogs”, in a safe and secure environment. Glogs are created with text, videos, photos, images, music and other diverse elements. 200,000 teachers already utilize Glogster EDU’s teaching resources to capture the expressive creativity of over 4,000,000 students. Glogster EDU connects teachers to their students with Web 2.0 multi-sensory learning experiences that can be easily integrated into traditionally text-oriented subjects. Educators who use Glogster EDU have access to a wide range of creative resources, differentiated instructional activities, assessment opportunities, and so much more.

Glogster EDU participates in a wide variety of partnerships today.

Here are some examples of the types of partnerships that we offer organizations:

  1. Advertising

    Glogster EDU offers every imaginable way to reach our audience of dedicated teachers and students. Brands can promote themselves in the form of banners, links, email communications, inside-navigation promotions, and more. Marketing to teachers can be challenging – but at Glogster EDU, we know how to do it well. See the screen shots and links below for a sample of how we can promote YOUR BRAND.

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  2. The Glogster EDU Contest

    Imagine teachers and students working side-by-side, fully engrossed in your brand as they compete to win a mutually beneficial prize! No more putting your back to the classroom as you write on the blackboard. Work as a productive team with your students, build some Glogs together, and win massive prizes! Most contests are simple sweepstakes or boring raffles, but at Glogster EDU we know how to engage and stimulate a large, growing group of teachers and students and do so in a way that keeps them staring at your brand for weeks and months at a time. Glogs, or multimedia posters, are normally made with original graphic tools that we supply on our site. However, in a Glogster EDU contest with your educational product(s), our audience will plug in YOUR BRAND’s items, instead of default ones, to create their Glogs. This will allow them to converge with your brand. As part of the rules for a new contest, we will REQUIRE our users to implement your new images. You will not find a more engaging online activity focused on your core demographic than this. Our contests drive legitimate buzz, excitement, sales, revenue, and a much clearer ROI for you.

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  3. Content for your education site

    Most educators agree that educational access to the internet has changed the definition of literacy. Digital literacy, complex communication skills, creativity and collaboration have replaced the traditional text based, writing-driven, and static educational experiences of the 20th century. These new 21st century skills have turned Bloom’s Taxonomy upside down with creativity and collaboration the key to meaningful learning. When you can take a concept or traditional classroom subject matter, visualize it in a matter of minutes, and create a multi-modal representation of knowledge and skills - that is a powerful learning tool that will have a lasting impression on today’s tech-savvy students. At the same time, students and teachers have access to easy-to-use, yet technology challenging applications as their tool box for creative expression. Including Glogs as part of your site’s content will add multi-sensory context to subject matter that is traditionally text driven. Multi-sensory approaches are much more successful in reaching students with diverse learning styles and differences. Use Glogster EDU to exceed the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL); multiple meanings of access, multiple means of engagement, and multiple means of representation.


    Glogs on wiki pages - example 1 example 2

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  4. EDU Media Mixer

    Imagine our multi-functional education tools built right into your teaching website! If you are a high-traffic website that focuses on the multi-media, web 2.0 side of education and attracts an audience of educators who teach subjects such as science, history, literature, art, photography, math, and more – then this is your best partnership option anywhere on the internet. This partnership will allow your educators to use a light version of the Glogster educational poster creation tool without leaving your site. It is only when your audience requests to add sounds and videos to their multimedia posters, that they come to our site to register. When they come to us – we will send them right back to you so they never abandon your core service offerings. These relationships are very customizable and can be created in a way that delivers the best content value to your audience and molds perfectly into your existing site architecture.

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  5. OEM Licensing

    If you already have a software product designed for educators, or are in the process of developing one, review Glogster EDU’s array of teaching tools and let’s find a way to include them in your offering. Whether you are a packaged software product or an online, on-demand teaching resource, Glogster’s educational poster creation platform is a perfect fit with most software products on the market today.

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  6. Teaching & Education Associations

    Many educational associations are unaware that thousands of Glogster EDU users are members right now! If individual teachers are experiencing huge successes using our platform, why not share and expand the scope of those benefits to an entire membership base? Every day, teachers are referring hundreds of their colleagues to our product. Let Glogster EDU educators enhance your professional development opportunities, professionally train your staff, and share the enormous benefits of this incredible teaching tool with your team. We can build a new age of learning – together!

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  7. Training & Development

    What if your school, organization or district decides to introduce Glogster EDU to a mass audience? Who is going to do the training? Who is going to make sure every user utilizes our teaching tools to maximize their capabilities? WE ARE! We can be an extension of your staff development initiatives by providing on-site, on-location group or individual training to your core users. As easy as our product is to learn and use – we fully understand that not all teachers and students will comprehend the scope of potential this teaching resource offers. Let us be the ones to provide the training assistance as you navigate through this new, revolutionary web 2.0 world of education.

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If you are trying to reach a global audience of dedicated teachers at the forefront of technology and innovation, Glogster has the most effective ways to do so. Glogster is very interested in learning more about your ideas to create a productive partnership. Online advertising ideas? Online content ideas? Want to survey our audience? An out-of-this-world CONTEST idea?


Please email us at or call us at +1 888-456-4748.

Glogster is yours!

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