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The Glogster EDU Ambassador Network recognizes
those educators whose extraordinary efforts have made
a unique and lasting contribution to Glogster EDU.

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Tech-savvy, forward-thinking educators with fresh approaches to teaching
Passionate teachers committed to improving education
Top-notch teachers eager to network with other educators around the world


Exclusive access to the latest educational technology and training for your school
Workshops and events keep you at the forefront of education
Support, inspiration, and resources from our worldwide community of educators


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Click on the button below to apply! Successful applicants will enter the 2-month Ambassador Academy. In order to graduate, you must submit:

  • 2 self-created Glogs
  • 1 video of Glogster EDU being used in your classroom
  • 1 professional development workshop
  • 20 special Premium Trial activations from workshop attendees
  • 10 social media posts

You will receive detailed instructions after you apply.

. . . will enjoy exclusive benefits!

Ambassador Academy graduates will receive:

  • A free one-year license to Glogster EDU Premium
  • An Ambassador certificate
  • Free product training and invitations to Glogster EDU events
  • Educational media recognition for you and your school
  • 2 Glogster EDU T-shirts and other merchandise

. . . and much, much more!

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Our Ambassador Community

Beth Elmore Beth Weeks Renee Owens Mrs. Lomanno Emma Amy Gentile-Cantone Tatjanien Brad Clara Vieira Donna Criswell Terri Cullins Dennis Grice Dianne Krause Dorene Bates Lucian Duma Erin Misegadis Erica Parke Holly Berndt Jayme Linton JamieLynn Griffith Jo E. Belyea-Doerrman Judy Uhrig Jesstern Rays Kelli Green-Erwin zezagkelebek Julie Edwards Audrey Colwell Rob Griffith  Lady Oh Arjana Blazic Jodi Tompkins Karen Ogen Kevin Hodgson Robin Metaj Deborah Ruscillo Beth Evans Melissa Edwards mike cargill Monique Liles Samantha-Phillips Teitlerphotograph

Thank you to our world-class educators who are spreading the Glogster EDU story!

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PUWT 11/13/10 Brockton PS Mini Tech Conf 2010 PUWT 2010 GaETC 2010 Glogster at MassCUE

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